Friday, February 12, 2010


On December 19th 2009, I received a shock when I got back bloodwork from a routine exam. I've now been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which can take several years to take a toll. Fear struck me as I realized that this is the worst time this could happen. I have two very young kids who are going to need me for a long time.

So, I am being prayed over and believing God for healing. I have never really looked into healing before and am learning as I go. I find there to be a range of different beliefs, from "God stopped healing after the apostles" to "God heals now for those who have faith".

Natually I started to search the web and find out all about follicular lymphoma, which some doctors call "the good cancer". I'm sorry, but unless someone can tell me that I'm going to be there for my wife and kids later in life when they need me, it's a bad cancer. There is no "good" sickness, especially something that is life threatening and currently incurable.

So I am putting my faith in God for my healing the same as I put my faith in him for my salvation. I am his child, he cares, he heals. I know he is capable of healing and my faith is growing that he *is* healing me.

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