Thursday, August 13, 2015


Its not about numbers, its about becoming.

The Same

There is so much in common we have with God, right down to the mundane. We like things to be clean,  so does God. We love to create, so does God. He is the template, the mold from which we were formed.

It is shown in every profession I can think of,  a spark of who he is. Lies blind us from what is truely natural, a relationship with the person we have everything in common with. Throw off the chains, open your eyes, be free. Be FREE.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Prayed for Lani, homeless lady from Hawaii, she had all sorts of physical issues. Asked her to test it, still there. Tested it again, she said it felt less but it would take a few minutes of walking to know for sure if her leg issues were gone.

Also gave her food along with another guy.


I was listening to JGLM this morning and they spoke about creating a journal, which was confirmed in my spirit as something I need to do. Then the message at Valley River Life Church was about remembering the past of what God has done.

Write a blog Bob, re-read it and remember what God has done. Re-read truth as well.

Thankyou God also for Valley River Life church. I think that where I am, I am able to park here. Finallly.

I will blog the things that the spirit tells me blog. The things that the Spirit talks to me about.

Focus on the goodness of God.
God you break every chain over me. EVERY chain.
Dwell on what he is doing.
Do something with your faith. Pray for a co-worker.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I understand Lord, I am yours. I crave You, I crave your spirit. I need your presence. I give you what I am. I no longer consider myself a citizen of Earth, but one from Heaven.

You have changed me. I praise you, because you really are worthy. You really, really are.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am so distracted by the world. I spent some time with God tonight and felt that he spoke to me. This world is not my home. It's something like the Matrix. What I see in front of me will fade. My future dwelling is with God. It's time I spent more time with God, who is on the more "real" side of things, his Kingdom, unseen in a way, but coming and allowed to break through in some ways. I pray for his healing at the same time knowing that I really don't even deserve anything. Grace has blown me away. I am even called his son. I long to know Him better. Forgive me God that I have been so distracted by life that I could not see the forest through the trees. Let the me return to this birds eye view again and again.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Life seems to be all about training now. Physical training to get my body stronger, dietary training to understand what foods boost the immune system, and last but not least, spiritual training to understand God's heart and my response. There is nothing God cannot do, so I am leaning on the Great Physician, who also happens to be my Father and creator of the universe to help.

Physically, I feel great. Mentally I have a certain peace "that passes all understanding" that seems to be from God. I do have "twinges" of fear, which I have to rebuke.

It is very odd to be on this side of the fence. I promise that I will tell everyone about God's healing when it happens, and post it here, of course. I'm still wondering *how* it's going to happen.